eHealth Project

eHealth is the pioneer project funded by Government of India and Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Kerala, designed to provide citizens of Kerala with a convenient centralized healthcare system. As the system is AADHAAR based, citizens will have unique identification and unified health care record. The system will help citizens to book appointment and visit any government hospital through this portal. The citizens can walk into any government hospital without carrying any old consultation papers. A comprehensive Electronic Health Record(EHR) with details of all the treatments a citizen has undergone is available in this portal for the registered users at finger tips. As the past records of the treatments are available, doctors will be in a better position to provide personalized attention to the citizen. This system will cover around 1400 government hospitals including medical colleges across the state. The pharmacies and laboratories of the hospitals are also automated to facilitate the citizens with minimum waiting period at these service centres.

The system also supports HL-7 encoding interface with other hospital management system, which will help in continuity of treatment, if a citizen wants to transfer the care to other private hospitals. This portal also provides the citizens to locate the nearest hospital facility from his/her home and also know the details of the services provided in that hospital. Updates on the latest news and events about the Health and Family Welfare department are also available in this portal. Portal also aids the citizens to find preventive health care for major communicable diseases. Links to all the websites Health related are available from this portal.